Corporate Holiday Gifts

By | September 14, 2020

Practical Corporate Holiday Gifts

One of the trendiest corporate holiday gifts is charity gift card. Yes, you might perceive these cards as unusual corporate gifts, but they draw the most appreciation from employees. Moreover, these are meaningful gifts that allow you to show your admiration for your loyal and diligent workforce. They work as corporate thank you gifts too.

Gift For A Cause

Charity gift cards are for everyone – small businesses as well as big corporate houses. You can even customize your gift cards and add your company logo or message for a more personal touch. You get a chance to choose the donation amount and the recipient chooses the cause for utilization of those funds. Some companies offering charity cards also make it possible for the employees to use the fund for different causes by dividing the money equally among the chosen charities.

If you wish to instill some purpose or meaning into corporate gift giving, forget those cheap corporate gifts and go for charity gift cards. With them, you not only show your own social responsibility and dedication to help the needy, but also let your employees get a surge of selflessness envelope them. There are many people who wish to do something for a cause, but whine about the lack of chance. You can give them a chance now!

Do you know? These charity cards can become great promotional corporate gifts too! You can produce your own custom design on the cards and create an everlasting impression.

These cards are available in any value. Thus, you can plan your budget easily and also benefit from the tax deduction that you get upon purchase of such cards! Under the IRS, companies are allowed to take a deduction of up to 10% from their net income for charitable donation. And if you wanna donate more than this, you can forward the amount for the coming years.

High-End Corporate Holiday Gifts

If charity is not what’s on your mind, why not go hi-tech? Get the latest cell phones, iPods, PDAs, and other gadgets and gizmos for your business associates and watch them admire your choice!

“Rush Hour” Corporate Holiday Gifts

These are nothing extraordinary, just last minute gifts that you can give when you don’t get time to think about gift giving in advance. Things like bouquet of fresh flowers, theatre tickets, gift baskets, restaurant meals, weekend picnics or cruises are some of the gifts that never fail to light up the face of the recipient. And the best thing is that they can be arranged at the last moment.

And if you’ve been a busy bee and completely forgot about arranging for gifts, here’s something that can save you from embarrassment – gift coupons or certificates! They are practical and pleasant to receive.

So, get ready to play Santa to your employees and surprise them with the best corporate holiday gifts this season. Merry Christmas!